Дополнения для Firefox поисковые плагины

Автор: admin , 17 Март 2009

Несколько поисковых плагинов для сайтов в панель поиска Firefox (по умолчанию она располагается в верхнем правом углу). Если вы хотите добавить другие, к вашим услугам выбор из сотен поисковых плагинов. Щёлкните по нужному, чтобы добавить его в поисковую панель Firefox: A9 Amazon s A9 search engine Ask.com Better tools get you better results. BBC News Search for the latest news from the BBC. Business.com Find information to help manage and grow your business. del.icio.us Search through most bookmarked sites. ESPN Get the latest sports news, scores, and highlights. Expedia Search for hotels by destination with Expedia s Best Price Guarantee. Flickr Search for photos on Flickr. Hollywood Search for movies and movie listings IMDB The Internet Movie Database. LinkedIn Search your LinkedIn network for the people you need when you are on any Web site. Live.com Live.com search engine. Lonely Planet Search through Lonely Planet s travel guides. MarketWatch Stock quote look-up and financial information. Merriam-Webster English dictionary search. Technorati A real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere USA Today Find the latest news from across the USA and around the world. Weather Channel Enter city, state or zip code to find your weather information. Wikipedia The incredible free encyclopedia. Yahoo! Answers Search real answers to real questions from real people. Yahooligans Search engine for kids and teens.

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